Omahops Club Meeting February 26, 2018

Omahops Club Meeting
February 26, 2018

The meeting was held at the home of Floyd Prine. Those in attendance included: Chris Miller, Floyd Prine, Jason Romano, Dave McGrath, Chip Riedmann, Craig Faulk, Damian Howard, Brian Leising and three guests – Doug, Rick and Alec.

Old Business:
Nebraska Shootout
Floyd is working on donors including but not limited to: Cornhusker, Patriot, Fermenters, Kirks and Midwest Hops. Chip said he may be able to contact a honey supplier.
Several judges have already registered.
Club volunteers for other positions will be lined up shortly.
Jason is hosting the meeting in April to determine our entries. A meeting date is forthcoming.
Jason is also working on the drop off site in central Nebraska
Chip will check if Kros Strain has a food truck agreement before we consider getting one lined up.
Chris is working on glassware as a gift to the judges and working members.

Treasurers Report:
No report. Dues are due – $25.

Patriot Brewing is holding classes for BJCP. $125 entry.

Big brew:
Cream ale was confirmed and the brew to be made. Ingredients were discussed; Floyd will coordinate that. We will shoot for 95 gallons. The process was explained to our guests.

With no other business the meeting was adjourned to Floyd’s mancave/shed/castle/bar to enjoy his home away from home. He has many leftover brewing and storing items available for sale. A good time was had by all.

Beers Tried:
Brian – Hard Cider
Brian – BB Stout
Brian – BB Stout w/cherry and cocoa
Damian – Kottsbusser
Jason – Peanut butter Porter
And some New Glarus beers

Respectfully submitted,

Chip Riedmann